About Us

Angela (aka "Future Mama" to the blogging world) and her husband are passionate about orphan care and adoption.  There are over 147 million orphans worldwide so they figure the least they can do is shrink that number by one!  Angela is SO excited to become a mama that she is blogging all about the adventures, and misadventures, of their Taiwanese adoption.  For each Leaves of Love tree sold, 50% of the profit goes straight into their adoption fund.  You can check out her personal blog by clicking here.

Ricky and Ashley, creators of Love From the Thumb, are newlyweds who wouldn't settle with just any old guestbook at their wedding.  Wanting something they could enjoy all year, Ricky designed a colorful thumbprint tree for all their guests to sign!  The tree was such a hit that they have opened up shop and sell their designs across the US.  Now, they are giving back by designing trees for adoptive families and selling  them at a greatly reduced cost.  Talk 
                                                          about love!