How a Fundraising Tree Works

The package just came.  You are so excited.  You rip it open and unroll your tree gingerly.  It is just as beautiful as it looked online!  You think to yourself Wow, this tree could be framed as art even without the the leaves.  In fact, you can practically see it framed on the wall of your future child's room.  A reminder of the love, the tears, the joy, and the work that went into getting your special child home.  (Adoption brings a whole new meaning to "labor pains," doesn't it?!)  You can see it now: this tree, overflowing with the fingerprints of family, friends, and colleagues, each accompanied by their signature.  This tree is going to take your breath away every time you walk past the room.  Your child is going to be able to look up and see all the people who loved him or her even before he or she arrived home.  Now how to get the prints?  Below are some ideas to get you started...

1. A letter writing campaign. First, take a picture of your naked tree.  Then, in a big, bold, colorful font at the top of your letter write the slogan of your campaign.  Maybe it will be:
  • "Leaf" a sign of love for our future little one.
  • Help!  Our tree is NAKED!
  • We have fall-en in love with a baby halfway across the world.
  • The Smith family is blossoming and we need your help!
  • Would you like to be a part of our family tree?
Then, lovingly explain your adoption and humbly ask for a donation, no matter how big or small.  Explain that with each donation, you will add a thumbprint to the tree and sign their name.  Keep it simple or make it even more creative by assigning ink colors to donation amounts.  After receiving their donation, mail them a thank you with a picture of their "leaf" and name.  

2.  Do you have a blog?  Fabulous!  Take pictures of your tree and sell leaves online.  You can post a new picture of your tree each month to show your readers how your tree is growing and encourage them to take part!

3.  Get your church involved!  Find a secure place to leave your tree and a piggy bank.  Or, bring it with you and place it in the lobby or fellowship hall each Sunday morning or Wednesday night.  Make an announcement about your tree.  Advertise for it in the bulletin.  Bring it to Sunday school classes.  Invite members of your church to make donations and leave their fingerprints.  Here's a fun twist:  ask them to write their favorite bible verse by their fingerprint.

4.  Incorporate the tree into all your other fundraising efforts.  Place a print on your tree for every t-shirt or coffee bag you sell.  Set it on a table when you have a bake sale, garage sale, or benefit concert.   Add prints for online auction bidders, necklaces sold, or socks knitted.  The sky is the limit! 

Have other great slogans for a letter writing campaign?  Do you know a fun new way to use the fundraising tree?  We would love to hear it!  E-mail us at: