Other Ideas

While we founded Leaves of Love to assist families fundraising for adoption, there are SO many other ways adoptive families can use a Leaves of Love tree!

  • Is your adopted little one already home?  
    • Fill the tree with his little fingerprints! 
    • Celebrate her gotcha day by asking everyone in attendance to "leaf" a print! 
  • Do you have a friend who is adopting?  A colleague?  A family member? A church member?
    • Show her your support with this creative gift!
  • Are you throwing a baby shower for an adopting mama?
    • Invite all the attendees to "leaf" a print and their best parenting advice!
  • Need a gift for grandma or grandpa?
    • Fill this tree with the tiny prints of their grandchildren!  They'll LOVE it!

    Don't let us limit you!  We really believe our elegant and fun designs can be used anywhere, anytime, for ANYONE!  Remember, by purchasing a tree, you are helping bring an orphan home.  You are transforming a husband and wife into a mommy and daddy.  Isn't that worth it?